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SAT Results, and stuff.

Well, seems on my second try of taking that damned test I did a lot better on the math section! A hundred points better to be precise, although as a result my writing suffered. I'm beginning to think that if Life were an RPG, I'd have an innate Skill I can only call "Sacrifice" which is exactly as it sounds and involves sacrificing performance in one area to do better in another. I'm sure a lot of people are like this and makes me envy these so-called "Jack of All Trades" who can do everything and not suffer performance loss. Meh.

In other news, I have come to the stunning realization that in my entire years of being a teen. I don't think I've ever had a relationship. It's almost kind of scary that I've gone this long without such a thing. Is it because I don't care, or is it because I'm not trying, or is it something else entirely? I'm not too sure. Either way, I don't envy the short-lived relationships of the teenage years and am quite glad I haven't encountered it yet.

Ah well, everything happens for a reason.



What a strange coincidence, Less than a day after I turn 18, I get contacted by friends I haven't seen in 9 years since I left New Zealand.


Looking back, (without my pills) I remember the hurt that resulted from me leaving New Zealand. I always thought after this sort of "personal DL-6" (Go Play Phoenix Wright to get the reference) I'd end up more like Miles Edgeworth, but nope. Turns out America made me stupid.

Thanks America, Thanks a lot.
Alright, this may seem like a loopy post, but this is how I believe my mind to work.

My mind is simply just a vessel, a house for everything that lives inside. Although mostly populated by miniature versions of myself, super-deformed to represent extremes of my emotion, occasionally you'll see an idea or two walking around. Most of the time these ideas are sleeping, and they rarely get a "physical" form, but when they do, it's usually relevant to the idea. Roleplay characters are an extension of this, being fully fleshed out ideas (no pun intended), and usually any ideas pertaining to said character plot wise are spoken aloud by them.

Alright, Epsi's gone crazy, time to throw in the towel.

God dammit.

Well, it's starting again. I'm beginning to descend into fangirlishness again. I shouldn't be, I thought I was over it. Turns out one little session of gaming can prove one wrong. At least I have an advantage this time: I'm smarter, and I won't pull the same crap I did last time. Perhaps, I can salvage the names of Fangirls...No. That's totally impossible. Even so, I might stick around a while, observe, take in what I can, and use my experience to hopefully do better than I did last time.

That is, provided the inevitable happens.

Oh no, not again!

Welp, I totally forgot how awesome Phoenix Wright was, brb, rejoining PW Dressing room

The return of the Greymarch!

Well, I did a lot of cleaning again today, as you know I refer to mass cleaning sessions as the Greymarch, So now I'm really tired and I really don't feel like writing my compare and contrast paper on my two friends right now. On top of that, I get to bake a cake later. FUN, I JUST LOVE DOING CRAP FOR EVERYONE, IT JUST MAKES ME THE HAPPIEST PERSON EVER!!!1!.

I feel like some sort of chemical nightmare now.

Devil Went Down to Georgia

Well, as we all know, Northern Georgia has been getting a CRAPLOAD of rain lately, which normally I wouldn't care about except for the fact that two of my friends live up there and it's flooded. They told me that they were going to their dad's and now I see why. The flooding is horrible, and I hope they're safe.

A cockatiel post.

Yes, my cockatiel is important enough to warrant his own journal entry on the same day (I don't know if that's a livejournal taboo or not, but if it is, then wow.)

Well, My cockatiel's energetic, I know this, as he is still a baby. He's curious too, unfortunately, that means he runs all over my computer and makes it very hard to type, then a second later he climbs up on my chest to steal my glasses. He must be the most ADHD bird I've had the pleasure of raising and I've had quite a few birds. Sometimes, due to him being a completely white cockatiel, I joke that he is in fact a bird paladin and he is quite aware of my plans to become a Dark Knight on Mabinogi, and as a result nibbles at my fingers, glasses, and earrings in an adorable assault attempt. Then I scratch his head for being so insufferably adorable.


Today was a fun day.

Today I managed not to get in as much shit as I thought I would by using bullshit in my Psychology class, (Also, before any of you say psychology is bullshit, please note I'm having quite a good time in it, so don't kill my buzz.) Although not as much bullshit as it was remembering some crap from yesterday's Current Events class. I thought I'd never hear this but my Writing Class teacher recommended for a student to write a sentence in ALL CAPS, which I usually only associate with me being an idiot and the late Billy Mays. Also I'm pretty sure the guys at the 7-11 know me pretty much by now, save for my name as they gave me a bit of a discount on my slurpee, which is pretty kickass.

Overall, a fun day.

I also might be changing my journal layout soon as this really isn't a Chzo Mythos Blog anymore. Sure there might be some remaining elements like the icons, but overall, this is just my place now to probably write random shit when I feel like it. Lists, poems, short stories, whatever. It's only like one other person reads this.

God freaking dammit WHY.

So I've been doing writing for school, right? I have no fucking idea what triggered this super freaking retarded idea so I might as well give a bit of backstory.

A few years ago, I used to play a little game called Starcraft, I wasn't too good at it, but it was fun playing with my two friends, they played Terran (human) and Zerg(Xenomorph-like aliens), while I had fun with playing Protoss (I have no idea how to describe them, google probably would help.) Anyway, I got a bit enamored with the Protoss in general, and as a direct result, made a roleplay character that was one, his name is Aeneas and I haven't really done much with him for a while.

Jump ahead to now. Starcraft 2 was announced a year or two ago, which got me hyped up for a bit. (I haven't bothered rechecking the site, I am currently disappointed with Activision-Blizzard right now for their moneygrubbing ways.) A few days ago, I suddenly got the not-so brilliant idea to revive my old fancharacter from the depths of obscurity, and write a story about him, what's worse, I was going to write a RELATIONSHIP story with a tragic end involving a Terran. Now all of a sudden, my giddiness gives way to warning lights as I am notoriously unable to finish fanfics when I start, and I had never been in a relationship before as such I would be going into this completely blind and would probably end up screwing everything up.

So now, I'm completely at my wit's end here on deciding whether or not to give this one a go, I'm promising myself that if I Do in fact write it, there will be no smut, not at all, because I think I have gotten past the part where Smut gives any real thrills. I just want to tell a story of star-crossed lovers who just so happen to be in the Starcraft universe. Now I'm sure Romance has pretty much almost no place in such a universe, but if Jim Raynor can still love Sarah Kerrigan even after she's infested (ZOMG SPOILARS!) Why can't a no name Protoss love a no name Terran?

Bah,I just needed to get that off my chest, feel free to disregard this post.